There i sat
Watching the black clouds
eclipse the sun
watching it weep incessantly

Its silver tears showers
from the sky
perhaps for good measure
as time is fashioned to this performance

The birds run for they’re nest
nested by the greens of nature
standing tall
staying put
for as many that got along
grew strong

The blessings of tomorrow
are wrapped with time
as we snuggle in our fleece
while they are drenched
shivering under bridges
and forgotten houses

There i sat
watching the anti climax
of this spectacular spectacle
as the eyes of the sky now dried
like a crying five year old
who has seen his mother

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Stranger

    This is one fine poem. I wish I could give the poet a hug.

    • I deeply appreciate your read,…err..’Stranger’. Thank you very much.

      • Interesting

        • Ztan Di Poet

          your read is most appreciated. Thank you

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