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When we become old grannies and age disrupts our memories,
Let us remember our napkins and where we began our stories.

When we become youths and pushed by peers to make wrong choices,
Let us remember our upbringings and flee away from the sweet oasis.

When we become husbands and ignorantly degrade our patrimony,
Let us remember our fathers and how they held their matrimony.

When we become young wives and bogged to quit our marriages,
Let us remember our mothers who mended all home leakages.

When we become leaders and pressured to make wrong decisions,
Let us remember our teachers and what they would do in our positions.

When we become law enforcement workers and bribed to compromise,
Let us remember our childhood toys that always got our backs.

When we become citizens and watch evil triumph over good deed,
let us remember our cartoons and the lives our superheroes lived.

When we start remembering our childhood and it’s meekness of heart,
Truly, the world will become a better place for not just us but our children.

Author: Paul Chiwude

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