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CHANGE AGAIN by Ifeanyi Akukwe

Ok… Here’s the PARADOX

So you raised up your hand.

Took that long walk down to the altar.

Said a prayer, and they told you were born anew.

And you really felt that way.

For that day at least, but what they didn’t tell you,

what they never tell you is the next morning, you start to feel the same again.

The weight, heavy on your eyes, your demons still lurking in the shadows…

You realize slowly, that salvation is instant, but change is constant.

I had looked at the altar with commitment as the choir sang that perfect hymn.

It was as if the world wasn’t in motion,

because for once I had felt that nostalgic feeling,

that feeling been a choir boy in oversized robes.

That has been my best service since my latter mind has been caught with the moving wind.

But now those words are piercing the heart, and am on bended knees meditating about my sins.

Sanctification is instantaneous and at the same time it is continuous.

Author: Izuchukwu Okafor

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