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For on that day flowed from within unimaginable pain
On the night of a full moon did she seek my blood
I was standing yet felt I was falling down the drain
On my feelings and emotions she gladly trod

Now in tears I write
She never loved me,it was only a dream
My weakness alone she sought to smile
now nothing hides my tears,not even body cream

In the valley of friendship
Seek not the love of friends
For they will leave you with the drowning ship
Gather instead the loyalty of fiends

No more will I weep
For I alone the broken parts sweep
The precious little shards I now do keep
As I swim in thorny rivers ankle deep


Why do my hands shiver?
From the biting wind or the brimming tear?
No worries,the last time I will ever care
I am nothing and without me she’ll better fare

“Now I know how rivers feel when they splash against the rocks-Hopeless”-Phoenix


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