BROS OBAMA (Obama victory ramblings)

Bros Obama!


Bros Obama,
You have made us proud
And our heads are high
As we celebrate.

Bros Obama,
It has been a long walk,
A path to freedom,
A narrow bridge down success lane,
A forward march!
Because a change has come,
We know, “Yes, we can!”

Bros Obama,
We no longer dream dreams,
They have come to life before our eyes.
Stumbling blocks on our path
Are becoming stepping stones
And the world
Now has one original color!

The American people have spoken,
Mitt Romney conceded
And Africa smiles,
While Kenya laughs out louder!

meet the poet: Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • apacketofchipsontheceiling

    Obama’s reelection has been a disaster for America. he has been a worthless and ineffective President from day 1 and truly did not deserve a second chance.

    • I respect that opinion, but how did he achieve the flawless victory and trump Mitt?

      • apacketofchipsontheceiling

        Because Romney’s comment about the 47% was effectively true. Americans would rather do nothing and slowly lose what they have than get off their asses and be expected to work for a living.

        • hmmmm. Quite revealing. But then, I would rather have Obama (being an outsider and all that) than someone who would speak so despicably of the poor like Romney.

          In any case, I have never envied any american President. America is a tough and large country to rule, what with all the various school of thoughts, religions, movements and all.

          • apacketofchipsontheceiling

            Romney was speaking of the poor by choice – the ones who felt entitled to hand outs from the government to support their bad lifestyle choices, drug habits, criminality, illegal immigrant status, welfare babies or sheer laziness. Why should my taxes pay for these people?

      • apacketofchipsontheceiling

        Also, the American media is owned by Liberals and gave no critical commentary on the Obama regime whatsoever while they spread lies and misdirection about Romney at every turn

        • am I to safely assume that you voted for Mitt? Would he have done better? Well, I wouldn’t argue with you much, being a limited observer, fed by the ‘Liberals owned media’.

          But then, there must be a victory song, even if a demon were to win.

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