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Through the breeze
that neglected all mighty sin
To air her view
She was silenced at gunpoint
While those bastards merry with gin all night
Before insanity
wise to arise,
pythons once again.
Mind deformity
A demons pleasure they gain
Dim these lights am nocturnal I be thee!
hallowed show end,
lumbering eyes,
she now to realize-tired she is.
These pain I feel from my dear sisters.
Asylum I cry out
Mind deformity
maelstrom that shatter ‘wazobia’
Arms and cannons she sees daily,
While her parents
consult ‘dibia’ for her return
Moon blackened,
complete discrepancy near,
heavy breath,slavish strokes enter fear,
misguided disaster,
tears and pain guardians bear,
hoping soon to possess their daughter.
And for those killed afar by northerners,
Still hope their parents see them when they
Have crossed the bar.. #bringbackourgirls

Written by: Enwereuzor Bobo Chidozie V

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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