BLEEDING HEARTS by Cletus Nnaemeka

Where do we go from here?
Being ONE is what we preach.
But we still live in fear.
Harmony is what we teach.
But nothing is being fair.

Nigeria! Nigeria!!
Let’s be truthful
We’re being eaten up by a filaria.
It’s pitiful!
We’re crippled, we’re on a carrier.

You are busy on cosy chairs.
Echoing laughter and talking bills.
We’re are down here in tears
Talking funeral deals
And bidding farewell to our dears.

Let’s be bold
Are we really fruitful?
Can the centre really hold?
Let’s be truthful
Because it’s becoming seriously cold.

We’re in a violent toss.
It’s plain to see even for a jerk!
We’re off course.
We’re on the verge of a shipwreck.
This one time beauty now a withered moss.

Dear ones
Ije Oma
It hurts more than burns.
Laa nu nke Oma!
God, please rid us of this thorn!

BLEEDING HEARTS by Cletus Nnaemeka

BLEEDING HEARTS by Cletus Nnaemeka

Author: Cletus Nnaemeka

  • Hannatu Adamu

    Education breeds tolerance: it can rid us of this ill.

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