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BLASPHEMY by Jesse Asonze

You call it blasphemy
When they are looking for an excuse
To behead our loved ones
They call it blasphemy

This country is sitting on a keg of gunpowder
Because they call it blasphemy
No one has any right to free opinion anymore
Because they call it blasphemy

It angers me
Bone deep into marrow
That no one is safe
They will kill whoever they like and call it blasphemy

Severed from her body
Soaking the hard desert soil of the north
With life that once was contained in deep red blood
Because of blasphemy

I call upon Ptolemy
And ask if it is truly blasphemy
He answered; ‘it’s our Nigerian reality’

The day of account shall come
And not one shall escape nemesis
At the height of that crisis

BLASPHEMY by Jesse Asonze

BLASPHEMY by Jesse Asonze

Author: Jesse Asonze

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