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Blame No One [Blame No One]

Don’t blame Adam
He never wanted to give a damn
Don’t blame Eve
Guess she was so naive

Don’t blame David
He only wanted to take the lead
Don’t blame Samson
He was ruled by sin

Don’t blame Judas
He only wanted to make the scripture come to pass
Don’t query Sapphire and Ananias
They just couldn’t follow true self denials

Commend Abraham
His faith showed him the spiritual ram
Jacob was really a great wrestler
Could he have once been a butcher

I envy Joseph
He ran away from self
Don’t blame the young prophet
He never thought the old prophet was a suspect

Saul wasn’t just jealous
He was fighting against his loss
No one should be blamed for anything
To every occasion there is a unique thing

Written by: Timothy Oluwatoyin Ogheneeofejiro Ewah
Edited by: Blessing O. Ohifuemen

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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