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BLACKBOARDS by Ojembe Victor

I dreamt they drew on us
Taking turn with chalks
We stood rigid like blackboards
Slaves with no selfhood

Our skin too black
For their albino eyes
Their crystal blue eyes
Watching us like theatre in the round

They love my womanhood
Hitting me daily while their wives watched
We were raw movie
In the eyes of our silver haired elites

Our skin walked naked
Carrying trays with tea cups
In a house filled with prying eyes
They all had erections waiting to explode

We stood there waiting to serve
Serving tea and our ebony skins
Our skin like their blackboards
Dancing as we walked

Master was a gentle maniac
But his sons forced me for threesomes
Tattooing my back with horsewhip
My unborn son a love child

I wish I was dreaming
I wish I wasn’t sleeping
On my wooden made bed
Heart shouting,
Blue eyed saints removing my sweet demon

My lady knew he will take their ski
Not dark like their blackboards
He will also carry my blood
Blood of a blackboard

We are free whores
Always been laid
Bringing intense satisfaction
But not been paid

BLACKBOARDS by Ojembe Victor

BLACKBOARDS by Ojembe Victor


Author: Ojembe Victor

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