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Bereaved [Bereaved]

For the families of those that died in man’s acts of violence,
I offer to you my deepest condolences.

I see on your faces as tears suffuse;
What a shock it must have been, when came the news.

The misfortune is great, plotted by evil hands;
Yet there’s a reason that only God understands.

Let not your bleeding tears drown your trust in Him,
But love and hope should fill your hearts to the brim.

Love – to forgive and your broken-hearts amend.
Hope – that this savagery soon will end;

That your anguish will be o’er,
And in grief, shall you not shiver.

You’ll be strengthened to endure,
Forget, laugh, remember… but feel your pains no more…

*Dedicated to the families of those murdered by the Boko Haram terrorist group…

Written by: Kingsley U. Ayistar
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Kingsley U. Ayistar

Ukpanyang Kingsley Ayi alias “Ayistar” is a 500 Level medical student of the prestigious University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. Born in the early 90s, he hails from Odukpani Local Government area of Cross River State. He is a Christian, a lover of words and writes for edification and motivation. He believes that “Talents and Gifts are tools for building our God-given dreams into reality.” Though without an award yet, his works has been published in several poetry anthologies like Via Grapevine II, Epistle of Lies etc, and other poetry sites online.

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