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Bent In Sadness [Bent In Sadness]

I’ll cry all the tears
Many tears are worth a cry
Some pains are better
Is it even worth a try?

You embrace away my joy
Leaving painful stains on my soul
Discarded like a broken toy
Like acidic rain you touched me – burnt in a hole

It’s foul – you corrode my smile
With your weary frown
You took my abilities, five extra miles
Now, like you, I’m weary, down

In the wilderness of loneliness, I stood – lonely sheep
Searching for one to make mineI strode with fake friends in the desert of companionship
You came along, with troubles – already I had mine!

Why do you squeeze me?
Draining the lagoon of my happiness?
Now that you’ve left me, alone to be
I’m the crayfish drowning in the river of sadness

Written by: Ekemini Joseph
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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