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BENEATH A MILLION ROSES OF PAIN by Oyelami Yetunde Elizabeth

Beneath a million rose of pain
I’ll find solace in our joy’s gain
I know my feelings cannot be vain
I’ll let my soul be uprightly sane
So as not to end my life not having a gain…

Beneath a million roses of pain
I chose sanity of what life really is
I’ll love hope to remember my night of tears
And endeavour not to live in fear

Beneath a million roses of pain
I sat on the bench of joy unspeakable
but I still scratched my toes on pain
I knew it won’t be long before hope comes knocking
Well, pain strengthens

Beneath the thorny vines
Those nectars actually taste good
That’s the taste of victory, of freedom
I shed tears with so much laughter
That I feel my heart will burst…

Let’s look on the surface
It’s amazing isn’t it, so beautiful
That’s the end product of pain
Brings love like a movie
And happiness like a flowing river!

Beneath a million roses of pain
I’ll smirk at the thought of riches
Because I’ll not break the breaches
I’ll hold on to the railings
And pray I slip not while trailing…

Beneath the nights of forlorn moonlight
I’ll hope that the clouds be clear bright
So I can steal glances at the stars that shine bright
And feel the glitters hit my soul like a knight
So I can have a night without fright…

Author: Oyelami Yetunde Elizabeth

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