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Beggar Without Choice [Beggar Without Choice]


Sweet as the rose,
Fair as the lily,
Slender like the sugar cane stalk,
Voice like the robin’s,
Crowned like the palm…

Why are you then
A beggar without choice?

Paw-paw envies your jugs,
Elephant eyes your rump,
Peacock hides her plumes,
Nightingale goes mute
…Even the wind pauses!

How did you become
A beggar without choice?

Heads revolve,
Eyes exit their sockets,
Jaws drop to the floor,
Wallets open for you,
Tapper falls off palm…

But you are just
A beggar without choice.

He knocks you down,
Spits on your face,
Aborts the fetus with a kick…
Now, you wear glasses!
You wear the bandage well!

Are you not only
A beggar without choice?

There’s another woman;
You taste her on his lips.
His limp self is bruised,
His fat purse is no more!
Go ask them at the bar!

How long will you remain
A beggar without choice?

Yesterday you limped,
Today gifts you a black eye,
Tomorrow will claim a tooth!
I’ve dug you a grave
And carved the headstone:

“Herein lies
A beggar without choice”.

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