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Before You...

Before You…

Before you I stand.
Under the spell of your wand;
Made dumb by your voice,
And deafened by your silence.

Before you I squat.
My thoughts a puzzling knot.
I feel a bond, a tie
As I gaze into your eye.

Before you I bow in awe,
Kissing your feet in search of succor.
I’ve sworn never to leave
Unless what I seek you give.

Before you I lie.
Like a bird in the sky,
I’ll soar on the wings
Of the peace your voice brings.

Before you I quake.
Like one before a burning lake,
Trembling at the sting of your words
That tear at my heart like broads.

Before you I sleep.
In your care my life I keep.
I live on your breath;
Losing it will be my death.

Before you I’ll age.
Until then, I live in your cage.
I sing knowing that you’ll hear
And hoping that you’ll care.

Before you I’ll die.
I tell you, the time is nigh.
If my plea you heed not,
Here before you I’ll rot.

…Are you the one touching me?
Are these your lips kissing me?
Is this my head cradled in your bosom?
It is your voice calling me handsome?

Surely, before you I’ll…
~ KIS (….April 4 2005)


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