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Brazil hair
Groundnut brain
Ebony black
Kilichi mentality
Charming beauty
Glamouring speaking
Flawed intonations on wahala writings
Senses could be counted uncountably

No material of the wife gown
Nailed painted on i can’t cook
Beautiful looks expired attitude
Is attracted condemnation
Beauty a problem of the eyes
Flair on the thoughts
Flames on the words
Flam is the excuses

Human hair
Goat brain
Claws on walka about
Hotel rooms lettered on the head
Liquid won’t pass by without tasty smell
Beauty need brains
Drain in cool gain
Lucrativity should wear importance

On the outfit of decency
Beauty is better
Brain is the best like an half way walk is a distance trekk
Beautiful beast
Should parade on the educational risk
We’r all traders
Our sales should be a determant
Of womanly husband wife

Every woman is a wife
In this solved solution
There is a beautiful desolution
With a beauty behind happly after
Virture make her a wrapper
A wifeship wife
Surrended on an excellent life
Slaughtered on a matured marriage knife
Solved probelm is the brain behind the glittering beauty

Written by: Williams Danagogo

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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