Beauty And The Beast

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In my neighbourhood
Is located a mansion – in the woods
Where dwells a newly-wed couple
In an environment serene and humble

I was there at the magnificent occasion
When the tie of Jane and Jack was knotted
But were his marital vows to replicate his intention?
If only his heart were transparent, perhaps Jane might have noted?

At the slightest provocation she gets beaten blue black
Barely two months into her life as a wife
Deep within her trouble heart she says
“If only I had known the true colour of Jack
A better man I would have given his place”

It gets worse by the day
Time and again, she nurses fractured limbs, swollen face
But she never ceases to pray
Hoping someday her world would become better place

Alas, Jack becomes even more bestial by the day
Seek an annulment…
Be prayerful and patient…
Some of her friends would say

Driven down the seas of dilemma
Through the shores of a daunting enigma
She was stuck
Afraid but yet hopeful in her state of constant shock

The love for her husband
The fear of living with him
“For better, for worse …death do us part”
These thoughts in her head brims

Until one fateful day at lunch
When with just one powerful punch
He sends her crashing on the floor
Unprepared through death’s dreaded door

Of course he lives now behind prison gate
But does that in anyway compensate?
I cried as beauty was laid to rest – would heaven offer bliss?
I hope other beasts out there learn from this.

Written by: Abdulkadir Muhammad Alfa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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