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BEAUT by Saidu Mark Jatau

It was afternoon.
The sun was scorching.
The wind had taking a long walk.
Sweat came visiting
And like rain she drops.
Our throats cried for thirst,
But yet we persevered for good.
Just a while and she was standing.
I searched for words,
I realised I was gone.
Even then she continued…
With a cheery cheeky smile,
Her eyes blink continued.
Her voice serenaded me.
As she gazes I was conquered.
Her spark was like the beauty coming out of
a processed gold.
But chocolate the colour of this damsel was.
Her dentation was a set of artistry.
What a goddess, I whispered!
Oh! With a smiling face I wore,
I said to my self,
I must have gone oblivion.
I know I am already lost!
Yes, lost in the world of this beaut,
But prayed never to be found again.

This must be heaven,
Cos’ angels do not walk on earth.
But if this be human,
Then she must be a monday creation.
Yes, she is the extra time of God perfection!
I stuttered for acquaintance,
I shivered for attention!
I grinned uncontrollable.
For a slave I am already to her,
And servitude I am willing to endure forever.
Cos’ I must have stood in the presence of an angel today.

BEAUT by Saidu Mark Jatau

Author: Saidu Mark Jatau

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