ARTLESSNESS by Hannatu Adamu

And it was one of the silliest stories ever told

From beginning to end, it made no sense

It could be that trouble is already a-brewing

With or without pride and fortune

Imagine, the dog has two tails!

The leaves have begun to dry

It didn’t fit, so they had to resize

Children will forever be curious creatures

There is no use crying over spilt milk

Whatever happened to morality, faith and hard work?

There is no telling how many are already in the know

Misery is now a thing of the past

There is a list of all the features

Culture provides refuge

Many have been there, but none ever came back

A doctor’s life is an honourable one

It is hard to tell what is happening

For the love of art, please listen

Somehow, this mess must be unraveled

That’s what partners are for

Only the title is needed

They confess their ignorance

Many wonder at the aftermath

No two men are alike in personality

Last time, an ugly calamity befell them

Like it or not, what will be, will be

Queue up and be handed a whip each

If there ever was such a thing as trust

Then, water would certainly not cook fish!

To sing lovely songs in persuasion

Whatever gained thereof is legal

A tale as tall as Mount Everest

Lives will never be the same again

Now, Michael Chrichton must be right:

Artlessness truly is the most difficult art

The story does make sense after all!

ARTLESSNESS by Hannatu Adamu

ARTLESSNESS by Hannatu Adamu

Author: Hannatu Adamu


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    Kenneth Onwuachu says

    If there was ever such a thing as trust, then water would certainly not cook fish.. I like that line. Nice poem, and i just finished reading michael crichtons prey, looking for more of his books

    • Reply
      Hannatu Adamu says

      The title ARTLESSNESS and the theme was borrowed from his novel RISING SUN. It simply means that it is difficult for people to fake spontaneity.

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    Anonymous says

    Doesn’t make sense! Or was it intended?

    • Reply
      Hannatu Adamu says

      Yup! Intended. The clue’s in the poem, actually, in the following lines:
      For the love of art, please listen

      Somehow, this mess must be unraveled

      That’s what partners are for

      Only the title is needed

      The poem is trying to say that the poet is trying to be artless, yet ends up making sense because the poem was trying to prove that very point, that is, that being deliberately artless will give you away because you can’t fake spontaneity. Glad it made such an impression. Funny if you’d said it made sense, I would have been disappointed!!!

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