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ARE YOU A TRUE WITNESS? (a religious awakening)

Are you A True Witness

Is it the one who wins the arguement
Or the one who is theologically accurate,
Much as the one who speaks the truth in love?

Who is the true witness?

Who is a true witness?
One who boasts and blahs ?
Or one who bears and forbears?

Who is the true witness?

He who postulates and pontificates?
Or he who pours out his life
In continuous sacrifice?

Who is the true witness?

He who grieves or gives to others?
The one who harms or helps?

Who really is a true witness?

When might is right or right is might?
Am I a true witness in this trial time?
When danger and death loom?
When many faithfuls fumble and faint?

Am I a true witness
In this period when selfishness reigns?
When capitulation and compromise seduce the soul?

meet the poet: Passy Amaraegbu

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