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Are We Fools? [Are We Fools?]

What is it we hear
Through the ranting of the talking drums?
What is it we decipher
Through the melodious tunes of the parrot?

Our eyes pierce through darkness
Our ears catch secrets in silent whispers
But all our findings pass in silent arguments

If they think Nigerians are fools
And stop the pap from our children’s mouth
In the eye of the stormy aftermath
And the unavoidable chaos, they will discover
That most of us live only for the future;
We live for our puny litters!

True! We may possess candles
But beneath our beds are clandestine objects
That could blow up hidden infrastructure

True! Inside our native pockets
We may possess a revelation to perform
That would awe the blind and the seeing

Yet! Our mouths are shut
Not for lack of words
Our ears feign deafness
Not for absence of sounds
Our limbs go cripple
Not for want of strength

As all think alike:
Your first and only responsibility
Should be to the doves
Entrusted to your care from above

A person does not fight against
A herd of ravenous monsters with seven lives
And win – singlehandedly

A grain for your starving
Should peg your mouth
A peaceful rest to your pit – dug tomb

Our toiling and sweatsome works
Is to place a gratifying key
In the hands of progeny

After the robbings from the Rock
We won’t, for the hope in a lost battle
Rob our own from their legitimacy

Silence shouldn’t go for foolishness…
Take the pap from the mouths of our kids
And you would come to the regretful conclusion
That Nigerians are no fools

Written by: Ekundayo Moyo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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