Apology is the hardest thing to do
Especially with strutting pride in you!

Apology soothes the ear like a love song
So don’t fail to sing it whenever you’re wrong.

Apology comes from a realized conscience
And it goes out to those with patience.

Apology is not a course taught in school
So don’t expect to hear it from a fool.

Apology is for the bold,
Welcomed by the young and old.

Apology expressed is a balm that brings peace
And with peace, our wars all cease!

meet the poet: M-key D’ Rhymaholic

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • The apology is the first step. Second step is truly believing you are sorry and seek forgiveness by kindness and love. A amazing poem.

    • True. But many people find it hard to apoligoise..and some find it hard to accept and forgive.

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