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Announcing Her Coming [Announcing Her Coming]

Come out everyone, come out ooooo!
From the sucking toddlers to the aged ones
Leave whatever you seem to be doing
It’s of no importance for now
For something unusual is about to happen

There is no time to finish that delicious meal
Throw it to the dogs
Dash out of the bathroom in haste
And pour that water upon the earth –
Besides, that’s her favourite drink

Pull the children playing, as you come, along
Pass on the information to everyone
Make sure no one is left out ooooo!
Tell someone to tell someone
That WISDOM is on her way now
You clamoured for her and now she’s here
Welcome her with open arms
And let her feel at home
Roll out the drums for celebration
And let the whole world know that you’re celebrating

Build her the finest of empires
And allow her to rule over your dynasty
With a thankful heart collect whatever she offers
And ask for whatever you solely desire
As you shelter in her bosom

He who has ear, let him hear o!

*To be read like a town crier.


Written by: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe Rykardo

Author: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

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