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AJAYI ADETOLA by Victor Igiri

Your night came as whirlwind sweeping the tides

to thorns and misery.

For love, you became unioned in a scandal

whose hero jailed truth for white lies.


Kirikiri unfleshed your dreams, dreams

fractured by crucified Sikiru, ‘SARS’ bound,

and your days, five years a slave, and two preys

planted your sun in grave darkness of the Nigerian black hole.


And though your light shines, now at Dawn,

like your past are zillions of Adetola

who, for the fall of flawed Democracy shall

walk, not only on needles in barren prisons but

shall, with sterile eyes behold aspirations decay

till Silence beckons.


Ours is only paradise for those with the black tongue

‘Our Nation of many woes’.

 (The poem depicts the story of Ajayi Adetola, a physically disabled man who was incarcerated for five years for a crime he was innocent of. His story is a reflection of the frailty of our system of Government that constantly subject its citizenry to inhuman treatments. Today, we have in our jailhouses those who have committed no crime but are languishing in pains day in and out. How long shall this mess continue?)

Author: Victor Igiri

Victor Igiri is an award- winning Nigerian poet and essayist, and a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a creative entrepreneur who aims to “die empty” leveraging on his skills and talents to create positive impact on earth. He is a poet contributor for Independent Newspaper, Lagos,, and a host of other websites where he shares his poems and inspirational articles. He is the administrator of Purpose Driven Youth Network, a website and Facebook page that is aimed at inspiring people, especially the youths and teenagers in making impact in life.
His poems have been anthologized in various spaces; nationally and internationally.

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