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Africa...The Ones You Killed [Africa…The Ones You Killed!]

In those blind ages
When a pall of dread fell
On the faces of your skies
Africa, my Africa!
My bones were the cowries
You gathered in a calabash
To consult your oracle

Africa, my Africa!
When your gods roared
In their wooden cages
My bloods you flooded
To brim their desert shrine
For clouds to rain peace
And grains, on your soil

Africa, my Africa!
On this blood-shed soil
Of your twin-infanticide
Happiness of birth wailed
And the joy of motherhood
Became a village chorus
In the hymn of sorrow

The symbol of prestige
Wore your Mama Africas
A tattered attire of shame
They tossed and danced
Here and yonder!
To the frenetic drum of agony
In the feast of endless tears

Thanks be to Mary Slessor,
The saviour of motherhood
Who let the dangling leaves
Of twin pregnancy
To drop on a joyful sea
Her name is a relieved bandage,
Around my wounded heart

Africa, my Africa!
In those infamy years,
I was the one you killed!
In your forest of ignorance
Your ancestral chains held me
Here I am now in Calabar,
To say I love you!

Written by: James T. Abel Adesitimi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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