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Abacha [Abacha]

Here in Yorubaland I meet Ifeoma who says she is Igbo
NYSC brought us both to Western Nigeria
She is so African, light skinned with thick body
And she has got ‘the’ shape indeed!

Strong arms never tired of household chores
Blessed are her meals and she smiles a lot
Plus she adores me, very playful with a heart of love

She shares with me a secret meal alien to this place
Made from ingredients brought from Igboland
I tell her I’m daring when it comes to food
She appreciates my guts and promises I will like it

She heats palm oil a bit
And brings out something I haven’t seen before
It is made from cassava she saysShe brings another one she calls Ugba
Then slices raw onion and tomatoes on top
And garnishes it with fried fish

I eat it and gets lost. Ifeoma ‘what is this’
She smiles that her smile ‘it is called Abacha’
Yummy! It is so delicious!

In all my days in the South-south
And my sojourn through North and West
I have never seen this Eastern Nigerian food

Ifeoma, you have done something to me
I will follow you to Ibo land then I will return
To tell my Isoko people
Ifeoma has given me Abacha!

We shall come again
To take you from your people by rites
And bring you home to Isoko
Ifeoma, you have given me Abacha!

Written by: Oghenero Ezaza
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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