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A SAD ONE by Hannatu Adamu

Why I wandered into the wood
I’ll never know
There, I cried all the tears I could
Till my eyes lost their glow

I like to think me safe
From all the hazards of life
Yet after every step I take
At the slightest nudge, I scurry to dive

The rains are nigh
And every creature seems gay
Yet, every time a bird flies by
I sigh in dismay!

Through the canopy of the woods, is the sun
And it is my favourite time of year
Yet, every which way I turn,
I stiffen and give in to fear

There is every reason for me to be happy
Everything around me looks blissful, today
But, why I wandered into this mood, sadly
Is one thing I can’t say

A SAD ONE by Hannatu Adamu

A SAD ONE by Hannatu Adamu

Author: Hannatu Adamu

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