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A PRICE FOR BREAD! by Akpoveta Akpoviri

Right goes for tiny piece of bread
Brewed by thieves of twisted tongues
Promises made but never to be fulfilled
Forced down the throat of gullible citizens
Blinded by poverty cooked by their greed for quick bread
Are these ones are left with or without a choice.

Not that they don’t know right from wrong
The face of hunger has painted brains blank
For anything told to a vulnerable hungry man,
Suffix his reasoning are shove to the background.

Never again will we suffer
Yet, we jump to their offer
Truth steam from the offer
Only to put me back to suffer
For at the end of the offer
It is always more inflated suffer.

Who will tell them the truth of the matter
When they are only concern with their hunger
For the only thing that really matter
Is how to put aside their hunger
For in the reality of the matter
They have failed to reason due to their hunger.

Days past and yet they still rely on their lies
To provide a better ‘morrow for them today
One promise too many but not to be fulfilled
Despite their in ability to come to the party
Fools they have continued to be to their party.

For tomorrow they will wake from their slumbers
That will then be too late to gather gains in the basket
For in their naivety they will continue to eat bread of their sorrows
Blamed on the puppet master chosen by their very own thumb print
But yet caused by their greedy gain shower on them by their captors.

Never late but to be the late
For a stitch in time save nine
Wake up from your slumber
And see life in your chambers
Before it is stolen while you slumber
In their evil deceit cooked in their chambers.

A PRICE FOR BREAD! by Akpoveta Akpoviri

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