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A PETITION TO THE GODS [A Petition To The gods] [A Petition To The gods]

He who speaks through thunder and strikes with lightning!
Have you lost your axe?
Why do you seem lax?
Seeds of evil of have grown into mighty irokos!

Alusi of the earth.
The blood of our youngs are now to you a libation
goddess of childbirth,
your silence about this is an approbation
Your husband, Igwe ejaculates in you
and you bear fruits that feed both good and evil
Tell me he doesn’t see what happen on you
or has wickedness become legal?

He who kills at night!
I heard the wicked soul is your taste
Why have you let some see daylight?
I thought you’d have them in haste
Ogbunabali, do you now delight in unripe fruits?
Why should the owl leave old branches to perch on young shoots?

Eye of the sun
Who poked the big eye with a stick?
Have you not told Aro that we are being fed upon by a tick called corruption?
And that our Eze stores all our farm produce in his yard
while we are left to scavenge?

The burning eye!
Please tell Ogbunabali what you see in the day
So that when he visits at night, he may serve himself as due
Ogbunabali the night crawler, feed only on the ripe
and they that offer you the unripe
but not before you cook them slowly with the utensils of death

The pretty goddess
tell your husband, the sky god to send rain only on the good man’s crops
Let the wicked feel the sting of famine.

Let your voice deafen the ears that listens to the advice of Ekwensu
Set ablaze the thatch and sheaves of he that delights in mischief

Wield your sword!
Take the hand of he who steals a cowry and he who takes a cow
Bring back justice and equity!


Written by: Justice Gift Ogochukwu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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