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A NEW DIVIDE by Efe Ogufere

If i use filter on my broken heart
Would you double click it on Instagram?
Who replaced affections with emojis?
Just let it go and hold on tight, she said.
In a world with split personalities
If i slide into her dm and conquer
I have only won half the battle,
A tigress on her TL, a frightened kitten.

….the meeting.

True kinging is in the conquering of both
A filtered e-persona, an awkward introvert
She retweets my moonshine, she wants the D
These jokes write themselves, surely.

In my every line, a sub is embedded,
We flirt in morse codes, you would never know
A conversation absent mentions or retweets,
She whispers in my silent screams.

the falling in love.

You wanted roses; I rose to the challenge,
The thorny bushes saw right through me.
You picked me pickles for my prickly feet,
I give you dimples and made you giggle.
I stole the sun on a sunny day,
You made it rain as you walked away.
The saline waves washed through the maze,
The salmon danced salsa between your hair.

I gave you glitters, you traded blisters
You gave me hurdles, I offered cuddles.
Love turn cold, infatuation grew old.
In abandoned subs and corrected typos.

she hits unfollow.

A NEW DIVIDE by Efe Ogufere

A NEW DIVIDE by Efe Ogufere

Author: Efe Ogufere

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