A Memo To Malaria

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If you ever find your way back there, Anopheles
(I hope you will; you must deliver this memo to Malaria)
Tell Malaria the message of the people you feed on
“We are (now) civilized, whilst still united in this battle

Tell her, Anopheles, how the ponds have long dried up
And how nets spread o’er our windows and our beds
Do not remind her about *Raid. She’d be mad, hopeless
Didn’t you watch the demonstration on TV? Stupid!

Think, rude Anopheles, of our green-clean environment –
(I see, you laugh, because you know that’s quite false-full)
Well, that uncleanliness may yet be our undoing
Tell her we’re working, earnestly, to seal that sector

Tell of the advances of our doctors, and pharmacists
Tough tablets to serve her Quit Notice with immediacy
They smash confidently when she feels settled or homely
In their custody her bloom’s defeated, and you, forgotten

I hear you live but days, blood for food and refreshment
Please go, depart, before your life is ended abruptly
Tell Malaria the things you’ve heard, the ones witnessed
Fax it, harbinger, or mail this ‘Memo to Malaria’, pronto!

*Raid is used to represent insecticides

Written by: Anyanya Bassey
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Anyanya Bassey

    I’m sure Malaria has got the shocker by now! The Mosquito hearkened. LOL.

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