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A Confused Man [A Confused Man]

He is not fair,
He doesn’t just care.
That he made heaven and hell,
Proves he never meant well.

How can some be in eternal doom
While the rest rest in heavenly rooms?
Is he not supposed to be father of all?
Creator of both the short and the tall?

Why then does he treat us thus;
Some he bless, others he curses?

Listen, Oh confused man,

Our God is fair,
And he surely cares.
His judgments are crystal clear,
A witness to which, even your soul can bear.

He designed actions and its consequences,
But the latter you ignored with your myopic lenses.
His love he made to fill the earth,
But the forbidden fruit, you went and ate.

His laws he gave to guide your ways,
To give you life and length of days,
Yet, your own deaths you’ve caused;
Defying the ancient creed, brought you curse.

Loving mankind, he sent his son,
And he had all in mind- he left out none.

His son’s death was to take your sins,
The filth of evil, he came to cleanse.
Yet, your rocky conscience, you still steer
And like a pig after bath, you return to the mire.

Judge for yourself;

Is it He who made the earth crust,
That is partial and unjust
Or you that would not his love trust,
Preferring to remain slave to lust?

Search your heart, and you’ll learn this lesson:
Yahweh is no respecter of person.
“I love you”, he still says.
“Your soul, I’ll save, if you change your ways”.

And all who heed this call, He will save,
Those who won’t, the road to hell, they pave.

Written by: Okechukwu Obiorah Gideon
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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