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“All things bright and beautiful
Its light that make them visible
All things great and small
Without light, won’t exist at all”

All our poetry that is bright and beautiful
Is WRR that makes them visible
All our poets that is now great but previously small
Without KIS’s torch-light, some may not be known at all

You help light a fire
with a little spark
It grew wilder
Made better writer’s that would have remained quack

An uncomfortable burden
(Of Publishing)
Is what you lift off most us
An uncommon offering
(Of Editing)
Is what you gave as free gift to most us

As we go through the stress of writing
Our hope for it being read, brightens

Regardless of any trouble
These special benefits
Encourage us to keep up
And reduces our minds’ scuttle

You help light a fire
Not only of passion,
But of desire
A special kind of Fire
That rouses in us poetic passion
And perfection we all hope to acquire

Your insightful correction
Gives our piece, the much needed perfection
We seek perfection without pretension
It’ll bring us, lasting self conviction

Your advice in our brain is placed in a safe retention
For our fault(s) that you mention

You are a poetic form of frustration
To individuals that corrupt our nation

A poetivist
Vigorously pursuing a change for the better, with sincere action
You are not just a POET with an empty expression
Your call for change sometime comes with “verbal” expression

We fellow Poets say “Thank You”

Dedicated To:
POETIVIST Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (KIS)
Words Rhymes & Rhythm Community
All readers and Lovers of Poetry
All Poets

Written by: Ola Writes

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Bada, Yusuf Amoo

    Insightful correction with constructive criticism. Great write, love this dedication for the great mentor.

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