Fr. ALBERT JUNGERS: Rest in Peace Father, Teacher and Friend

Fr. Albert Jungers

Rest in Peace: Father, Teacher, Friend

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Father Albert Jungers. He was out walking yesterday afternoon, May 27, 2013 and had a massive heart attack.

Father Al was a dear father in the WRRPoetry family and a brilliant poet. He was very patient and very much accessible.

More than a few members have had their writing life, if not all their lives, affected by this great man. We are proud and honored to have had him among us.

He taught us several aspects of poetry we have never imagine existed and made many of us better poets than we ever hoped to be.

We pray that his beloved wife, Pat Jungers, will find her way through this tragic time.

We send my love, thoughts and prayers to her and to their family.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.


(Originally announced by ma’am Elaine Polin)

Father Albert Jungers, Priest, Poet and Teacher, has created a masterful work in Journey To Evensong. His poetry is expressive and moving in many ways.

As a Priest, his work elegantly illustrates his deep faith in God and in His Mercy. As a man of compassion, his poetry speaks on a multitude of topics here on Earth, inspiring a love for knowledge in children and young adults. He also writes of his wife, family and cats in soaring love poems and humorous verbal illustrations of life.

Fr. Jungers writes of Nature as well. He is filled with appreciation for life and for God’s gifts to Humankind.

He shows his serious side in his poems about the suffering of Third World populations, unequal treatment and injustice wherever it may be found, political corruption and hypocrisy of world leaders.

Once in a while, readers are amazed and amused by his humorous, yet serious wordplay messages, based on his long life experience.

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