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Cold [Cold]

You smell blood!
Round on rounds,
Your bullets betrayed Future’s heart!
I saw them silently soaring to heaven,
Haven tastes of undeserved death!
Oh! Our hearts are broken!

Peace for grave,
Unfulfilled revelation,
Wasted purpose,
Dreams blurred to memory!
Tears! Tears!!
The future suffers the sin of today.

In you leaders were murdered,
Peace makers sacrificed,
And young Roses
Were not allowed,
Grow buds
And spread fragrance!

Why? I ask;
Bullet blames force
Force blames gun
Guns don’t kill,
Kill men!

Little candles dazzle the sky,
Black is the color we wear,
As we mourn the little one, lost forever!
Why is our tomorrow going before us?
Reckless driver in Nigeria,
Mindless shooter Connecticut…
Oh Heavens, our world needs a hug!

Written by: Lebile Melt Tosin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Lebile Melt Tosin

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