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2012 [2012]

She meandered through the hollows of the yester-year,
And hoisted her banner for many-a-days.
Now there she goes, swaggering and mincing away,
And her successor’s breath is felt so very near.

She gifted her witnesses with smiles and tears,
And, as in partiality, weeping and laughter.
Hot coals in a pan now, a golden bracelet after;
Each man a reason to mourn or to cheer.

Draw near, my friend, hark and you will hear
The musings of men in your neighborhood.
To the one she’d been bad, to the other good;
Some thrown to the front-line, others to the rear.

Her hands were upon all, to mend and to tear.
Hark again my friend – some thank and some curse.
To the one she’s the better, to the other worse;
A zephyr of peace to some, to others a gust of fear.

All are her children, the far and the near.
Yes, she calls them Children, her daughters and her sons-
But to some she gave suck, to the others thorns!
Some lips made to kiss gold, some eyes to see the ear!

Now, as she goes, she leaves some hearts a sear,
A hurt, a pain, like an un-blottable tattoo.
A smile, a chuckle, to many-a-lips too;
For to some hearts, she has been so dear.

Ho, her successor advances, yea, she is very near.
She comes with her a parcel, for everyone.
Pray she soothes your pain; make your tears be gone-
And as she ascends the throne, banish, she may your fear.

Written by: Arc Ani Onyedikachi Michael Jr.
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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