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A tree of change planted
In bosom of transformation
All we need in Nigeria
Is a better turn around
All stand up
Waiting in curiosity
Living in proactive
For a change to arrive
A worst moment
Halt torment
All in the cycle of transformation.

A better today
A better tomorrow
All in anticipation
A change for better
A change for good
I have waited and waited
Still! Hope not halt
For I see the reflection of change in our nation
Few are bewildered
Many are in their shoes of hope
Few are in halt of hope.

I hope! I conquer! I change!
In the midst of many
The sun of change has set to rise
My thoughts traveled to the land beyond
My worries are set to rest
For the moment has come to be best
Rain of change has fallen
Sprinkling a humble glow.

Thousands of changes in view
Few of it are preview
Like a sunny day with a brighter moment
I set my eyes and can see things
Things of solemn appreciation
Happy! Happy! Happy! I am
Hope has come
Change has arrive
Our nation the heavy giant of Africa
Sitting on the throne of change
Besides our mother of hope
Change has come! Change has arrived
For I see the sun of change radiating
And see the flowers of hope in jubilation
Oh! Here comes
The Era of CHANGE and HOPE.

Nigerian Poetry - NIGERIA, CHANGE AND HOPE by Gideon Abowha

Nigerian Poetry – NIGERIA, CHANGE AND HOPE by Gideon Abowha

Author: Gideon Abowha

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