THE PHONICS OF A LEADER: Samson Oluwatoyin

Down in the world of the heart
Among the brethren of thoughts
Deep down the oasis of life
Across the fire of love
Up above the vengeance of hatred
Lies his spirit of happiness

Up there above the sky
Beyond the strength of the dews
Above the colourful atmosphere
Higher than the blissful stars
Beyond the power of the sun
Lies his power of service

Above the doings of the heart
Across the golden streams of thought
Far beyond what you can fathom
Is the logic beyond his algorithm of existence
The extravagant grace to lead

The oceans can never be quantified
No one measure the sands on the shore
Far beyond the graces of air
With the ferventness of glories
Up above our fears and judgments
Lies the reward of a leader

You tell your tale
They tell their stories
We all have pens in our mouths
But the words are different
Some unto death
Some unto life.

THE PHONICS OF A LEADER by Samson Oluwatoyin is the winning entry for the February edition of the BRIGITTE POIRSON POETRY CONTEST 2015.


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    Yinka Ojo says

    Great job, Oluwatoyin. You wrote as if you’re describing a valley from a cliff – clear view!

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