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NATIONS CRY (a poem by Ugochukwu Ohadoma)

From the depth of emotions
For the dying visions
I set my eyes upon nations
So forgotten and in incarceration

How precious the gift of freedom
How determinant the power of decisions
How hardened the hearts that do not see
How insignificant the truth could be.

Is it not the truth that sets free?
How come it has done nothing for me?
I know it like the back of my palms.
I’ve sang it more than I’ve sang the Psalms.

I’m in chains of course I know
My life lies mortgaged, that’s for sure
My hands are clean, still I serve my term
I’m just a prisoner of a failed system.

Author: Ugochukwu Ohadoma

Ugochukwu is a banker, blogger, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ. His aim is to show God’s perspective of the world through fiction and poems.

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