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MYSTERY by Uchenna Odukwu

Staring at the sky above
As soft as the shadows
I wonder if there is a place above
Containing millions of souls,
And a person greater
And older than the earth.

If truly there is,
Why hadn’t the sky fallen?
A mystery that can’t be answered.

Man has to believe
Without seeing;
Let’s oh man
Await eternally
For the evidence to come.

MYSTERY by Uchenna Odukwu

MYSTERY by Uchenna Odukwu

Author: Uchenna Odukwu

Uchenna Odukwu, a Student, Writer & Infoprenuer hails from Elele-Alimini, Rivers State.
Uchenna places Premium on the following: GOD, RELATIONSHIPS, INFORMATION, MONEY, RESPECT & LOVE
Uchenna delights in playing football, surfing the and more especially reading and writing.
He is currently studying Political Science at the Prestigious Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt.
You can connect with Uchenna on 2347032577721

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