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MY SLEEPING BEAUTY by Kenneth Onwuachu

I wanted to tell her that I loved her dimple
The way the skin over her cheek folded in when she laughed
Firing up emotions with motions so simple
Like the way Leonardo da Vinci’s brush stroked

I wanted to keep her laughing or smiling
For no percept was ever more perfect
The radiance she emitted was blinding
And the sound she made was of heavens choir prefect

I wanted to know more about her
As I had already developed an addiction
To all things her
Rehab I would forever vehemently shun

I wanted to see her again and again
Against all odds, even if it hurts
Behold her pulchritude and let it drive me insane
She was my fire and I her moth

I wanted to tell her everything about me
Like a midlander to the mother confessor
Tell her all of my truths whatever they may be
And let her be both judge and juror

I wanted all these and then I woke up
For it was indeed a dream
That I wish didn’t stop
And each time I sleep, I wish to continue that dream

MY SLEEPING BEAUTY by Kenneth Onwuachu

MY SLEEPING BEAUTY by Kenneth Onwuachu

Author: Kenneth Onwuachu

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