MY PAINS by Kenneth Mamman Alli

I hear cries everywhere
At night I sleep not
In the day restless I be
I see the homes of me families
Turn to shreds
Blood suckers everywhere
On our lands
The lads cry for mama’s breast
But mama is gone
Gone so far that we see her not
Daddy is cold, no warmth for him
Oh I cry for my beloved land
Where peace and joy
You can pick on the ground
Now you find them no more
I cry for home
I miss the love at home
The peace at home
I miss the beauty of home

MY PAINS by Kenneth Mamman Alli

MY PAINS by Kenneth Mamman Alli

Author: Ken Mamman


  1. Reply
    Hannatu Adamu says

    “Mama is gone”
    “daddy is cold”
    Powerful imagery! Where is the hope?

    • Reply
      Kennath Mamman Ali says

      Tnk u

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