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I hate every moment of heavy thought
But this failed to elude me
For my heart has become weary of it
To write is nothing but to regain my feet
Our past is never a thing to let go
But a tools to hold tight to model our future
I have imagine myself without eyes
Vision is nothing compared to the image-in me
Because to imagine is not to see
But to create an image-in mind that can be seen
Our imagination is the Image-Nation
We could always see not only from the power of vision
But to understand what transpire within us
I don’t want to imagine a life without mind
I think I’ll be sorry of myself in a frame
Starring at things and how they change
And if I’m surrounded with ranging flame
My case would be critical than being lame
I will still be an helpless image
Without mind to effect positive change
If the blind can knit
How do they see through the tiny hole of the thread
To see is not necessary to have eyes
But to have mind that can see deep down the heart
Vision is impaired in those
Who sympathise not to the suffering of the people they see
Character imbue greatness, in those
Who would share from the pain of those they could not see
We are to the world like sun and moon
Glory are the days we are strength to mankind
Blessed are the nights we are a guide to their dark path
I’ve committed to be an agent of change
Not to compromise my value for fame
And my generation for any envious position
I shall stand against oppression
Not to demand from people- standing ovation
But to fight immoralities
With good character to protect the dignity of humanity
I’m ready to fight my enemies
Not with gun or any weapon of human destruction
but with forgiveness, so to let go of the pains from hatred
I have promised not to be like yeast
That would destroy dough meant for people to feed
But to be like seed
That would become a tree for people to benefit
I shall stand to “belong to everybody”
And yet “belong to nobody”
It is better to die as an agent of change
Than to live as a symbol of shame
I found what worth dying for
To sacrifice my life for someone else to live free.

Nigerian Poetry - MY COMMITMENT TO CHANGE by Yusuf Lekan

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