MISS MARY KAY: Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

Her face is painted
Without a touch of art
Her beauty is tainted
As it sinks down her heart

She needs attention
So she uses a dozen makeup
Then gets the wrong affection;
A perfect breakup

Mary Kay is stuck up in her face
Red lip gloss sitting on her lips
Now she’s seen in every place
With eyes glued to her hips

Her right cheek is blue
The other is a rainbow
I bet she has no clue
Soon, the sun would go low

She says true love is a mirage
A thing of the mind
But with her maquillage
No man is hard to find

Miss Mary Kay is confused
She thought beauty dealt with colours
Now she feels misused
Every man has toured her contours

For each man she tries to date
Looks forward to only pleasure
Their lust, she tries to sate
Till she goes beyond measure

She gave them all they wanted
Using her body as a token
They took her love for granted
And left her heartbroken

But love still exists
Waiting patiently each day
The more her heart resists
The more it walks away

Until she realizes what beauty really is
Her companion may forever hide
For a man to truly make her his
He needs to discover the beauty on the inside

MISS MARY KAY by Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

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    donkrieger says

    This is a very interesting and engaging poem. And for once the come-along picture of a beautiful white woman is entirely appropriate. Thank you for it.

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