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MAMA by Ayoola Olanrewaju


Selfless has painted your life
We caught you red handed in love
And our lives has drowned in the blessing
Your denials are our true existence.

You despised fortune and pleasure
You refused a house for our built
You never held back the rod and comfort
You are a well, a well that is always well.

From you we drew the taste of life
The sweet, sour and bitter
You took us friends and little counselors
And worth greatly our unwise wisdom.

In betrayals and trials like Goliaths
In pains and world of rejection
Your cries and laughter
You are the lesson and our mould.

They say you have poisoned us
Our lives would have been miserable
Your poison is our garment of greatness
Mama, poison us the more…

You saw in us great heights
And left us not alone in the field
You are our teacher
And you gave us the life of God.

May your days be long
And your life sweet with chiefly rewards
And joys without border.
MAMA by Ayoola Olanrewaju

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