Life is a battle against challenges
I have trained my arms to bend steel
I girded my waist with strength
I have acquired diverse tactics
I starved my belly
I also fed my belly
I did all of these to win this battle
Yet I found myself loosing in many ways
Many times I cowered
My muscles lose tenacity by the day
No reason to wish eternity
In a world like this

Ogechi my love
Ever since I met you
You make the rain shower on me
Fertilizing my deserts
You become to me a covering
Shielding me from the scorching rays of life
You become to me rivers of strength
Multiplying my tenacity by the day
To win more of the battles against life

Ogechi my love
Ever since I met you
My whole life changed
It’s always being flood
Flood not of disasters
But flood of happiness
For this I dedicate my heart to you
My unborn daughters will have your heart
I shall walk you down the isle
In holy matrimony
On your next birthday

My love
Ever since I met you
I found endless reasons
To wish eternity
In a world like this

in a world like this

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    @bekexjj says

    The sudden twist!
    The bend and the wind
    , alluring…..

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