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LASSA FEVER by Isoboye Danagogo

Maybe before you will be reading this, I am far gone
Humans,unbehalf of my race, accept my apologise. We are sorry

Lassa fever

The debt all rats pays
A loan from the slums
Where we are few too many
Our mouths try to break barriers

We stab leftovers either by throw or catch
We determine our living by people’s kitchen

We were not poor,circumstances sharped us into this…

I am Figi by name
The first and only Son of Figri
The grandson of Frigirey

We are nobles,
Born into a world of horns and thorns
We had culture, just no perseverations

For snakes are known for their lengths
We are good crafts men,we built into smartness
My fathers father,told my father
That humans once liked us,
Not until the cat came.

We are appetite initiator’s
For a rat nose connects faster than the wifi
It drags the kitchen closer to the mouth

If I die,my remains are left for praises
For this death is no stranger’s dead
I die a figri and I die in frigirey…

LASSA FEVER by Isoboye Danagogo

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