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JOS, THE CITY OF ROCKS: by Eseohe Pearl Ebhota

Looking for nature at its best?
Come to the city of rocks
Feel its soothing breeze
As it caresses your skin

Nestled between hills
It gives beautiful scenery
The sound of her waterfalls
Reminds me of the Victoria Falls
Its lush vegetation
With a temperate weather
Friendly people
Make you feel at home

This is my town
The city of rocks
A haven of peace

Just a night
At the city
You’ll be glad
You did

With arms wide open
My people say:
“Maraba da zuwa”
“Lecit doh”

WELCOME to my city
The city of rocks
It’s the place to be

JOS, THE CITY OF ROCKS by Eseohe Pearl Ebhota

Author: Eseohe Ebhota Akoma

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