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I FOUND NIRVANA IN YOU by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

The dreams are real;
I glanced upon them in a broken mirror.
Can you not count the days adrowned
In fear of the morrow?

And now that it’s upon us,
What then?
Shall our chalices be filled with sorrow
And have the minstrels sing us dirges?

I found it,
I found it in you,
My love

Lie down with me;
Let the grasses stroke the aches from our back;
Let’s flirt with the flighty moon
And count the twinkling stars with words.

There will be no misconception of thoughts;
Our sorrow shall be abound with lust;
And our passage shall be safeguarded with trust
By kinsmen, while we go on this voyage south.

The night is starless then
Except for those two
Blinking on your face:
Perhaps, they’ll be our guide.

That feeling,
The trust in our lust,
And a brief moment of darkness:
We were blinded, but we welcomed it.

We shared a plate of disbelief
And I drank to stupor, your fears;
But those twin beams,
Ever watchful, was revealing.

Our foolishness paraded afront us,
Matching without rhythm
To the beating drums of wisdom;
But we heed not their warning

I found you,
I found you in it,
My dream.

The days without you
Are spent dreaming;
The air is filled with your fragrance;
The twin glare of the two stars
Reminded me of the bright ones on your face

I found you,
I found it in you

The days trudge through darkness;
The moon has lost its glimmer
And I stumbled more than once:
My fears for you battles my feet

Are the stories true?
Are you lost in the brightness of the sun?
(for such were your whiteness and transparency
That I scarce find them untrue)

That starless night,
I went on the voyage alone
(But I had you with me)
To find you in Nirvana.

I FOUND NIRVANA IN YOU by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

I FOUND NIRVANA IN YOU by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

Author: Adeosun Oluwapelumi

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