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HOUSE MY EARTH: Mesioye Affable Johnson

In the abyss of strangulated hope my fate sat
Helplessly,due to pale promises from other end,
Still,my heart desires to drown in your heart’s stream
For there only I can avenge my buried hope!

For thousand times my trust was thrust
By blunt feedbacks striking what I stood for
In the inn of fidelity filled with laid lies
Where my fractured future is a known visitor.

They sought not what my heart held for them
In the balcony of beautiful thoughts for the future,
But the materialism my personality carried
And found naught in the vault of lot but faults.

My desires have been roofless, with love shackles
Sprinkled at the doorstep where my heart awaits you
For without you I am like the wandering farmer
In search of all his lost sheep to be seen no more

For countless years I clung on uncertainties
With my heart, hooked and dragged to hit derision
The leftovers are what I want to offer your soul
To be whole coz I found futility in their lurked love

My life’s definition is undoubtedly undefined
With the grotesque growl of love by lust
Every time affection searches for her bone
On feminine hill like the missing needle.

This is my past resting on piled worries,
But with your smile alone, I assure posterity
Of a brighter morrow beckoning not sorrow,
Only if your heart will house my earth for life!

HOUSE MY EARTH by Mesioye Affable Johnson

Author: Mesioye Johnson Affable

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